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Workpiece positioners, hand-controlled 

SEVERT positioning technology - moving loads from 250 kg to 70,000 kg safely and easily

SEVERT positioners have proven their worth in the area of construction and agricultural machines, industrial trucks, forklift trucks and in the area of aviation and energy technology.

Depending on design, SEVERT positioners can manage loads of 250 kg – 70,000 kg. Thanks to their modular set-up, they can be easily adjusted to customer-specific requisitions.

With their stable and robust build, flexible positioning by up to three axes and light-weight operation, they facilitate welding, installation and handling of large workpieces.

Pleasant "side effect": The effectiveness of our technology permits reduction of the production time by up to 40 percent.

SEVERT positioners - benefits at a glance:  

Faster production, increased productivity 
Optimal position of the workpiece improves the welding quality and permits a higher melt-off performance
Improved safety, dangerous crane handling is strongly reduced
Positioning of up to three axes at the same time without elaborate re-equipment
Simple operation and ergonomics when processing protect and relieve the operator.
Flexibility by modular adaptability and customer-specific special designs possible

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