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Workpiece positioners, hand-controlled
type s10 rotating and turning positioners

 SEVERT positioning technology - moving loads from 250 kg to 70,000 kg safely and easily

SEVERT positioners have proven their worth in the area of construction and agricultural machines, industrial trucks, forklift trucks and in the area of aviation and energy technology.

Depending on design, SEVERT positioners can manage loads of 250 kg – 70,000 kg. Thanks to their modular set-up, they can be easily adjusted to customer-specific requisitions.

With their stable and robust build, flexible positioning by up to three axes and light-weight operation, they facilitate welding, installation and handling of large workpieces.

Pleasant "side effect": The effectiveness of our technology permits reduction of the production time by up to 40 percent.
Benefits at a glance:
  • Faster production, increased productivity
  • Optimal position of the workpiece improves the welding quality and permits a higher melt-off performance
  • Improved safety, dangerous crane handling is strongly reduced
  • Positioning of up to three axes at the same time without elaborate re-equipment
  • Simple operation and ergonomics when processing protect and relieve the operator.
  • Flexibility by modular adaptability and customer-specific special designs possible
Machine control
- flexible and safe
- optional additional control elements
Machine stand
- solid and closed construction
- incl. welding current connection
Support arm
- robust bearing to absorb tilting moments
- different lengths possible
Clamping plate
- Insulated mounted, defined welding current transmission

These are the features of our rotary and reversible positioners

The basic principle
Due to the arrangement of the support arm rotation axis above the clamping plate, the support arm acts as a counterweight to the workpiece. Therefore, the machines are much more powerful than turn-tilt tables or turn-tilt positioners. This principle allows handling of the specified loads in any position. Due to the endless rotatability of the 2 rotary axes and the additional height adjustment, all workpiece positions (even overhead) are possible.
Quality and durability
Our solid machines have been proven thousands of times in the market and have a high resale value even after many years. Due to the closed design and the use of high-quality brand components, we guarantee trouble-free operation and high machine availability for many years.
Safety and functionality
SEVERT relies on a modern, easy-to-operate and self-explanatory machine control systems with the highest safety standard. Depending on the requirements, the control can be extended, for example, with a height-dependent rotation release or a preferred position for loading and unloading the machine. The drive design with double braking force and specially developed hydraulics allow safe working under load.
Service and financing
SEVERT offers you an all-round carefree package. Whether you require maintenance, repair or an extension, our service team is available for you around the clock. A free test of our rental machines as well as financing or installment plan round off our range of services.

Technische Daten & Optionen

Load capacity 500 kg 1000 kg 3000 kg 5000 kg 7500 kg 10000 kg 15000 kg
Torque clamping plate [Nm]  
900 1400 3600 7250 13000 13000 25000
Torque support arm [Nm] 1100 3000 6500 13000 18000 18000 50000
Nominal speed clamping plate [min-1] 2,8 2,0 1,0 0,9 0,6 0,6 0,4
Rated speed support arm [min-1] 2,0 1,8 1,0 0,8 0,55 0,55 0,3
A) Clamping plate height from OKF [mm] 600 570 530 650 773 773 884
C) Hub [mm] 700 1000 980 1380 1530 1530 1980
D) Support arm length [mm] 1000 1500 1500 2250 2750 2750 3000
Other versions (weights and dimensions) on request!

SEVERT turning and reversing positioner in use