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SEVERT positioning technology used without welding 

Even though welding is at the focus for SEVERT: Most of the customer products produced by SEVERT will be sent to the customer fully installed or, on request, can even be delivered right to the end customer's construction site.

This broad service range is made possible by the diverse competences at SEVERT that enable to contribute more to solve our customers' problems and thus become competence partners rather than mere suppliers.

Mechanical assembly, hydraulic/pneumatic or electronic/assembly; trained staff and use of efficient assembly aids, such as SEVERT positioners, permit professional execution of the required assembly processes.

Specialist tools are available for this.

No matter if torque screwdrivers, test equipment or mobile, hydraulic or pneumatic test and setting devices – SEVERT has a broad basis with the healthy basic knowledge among its employees to meet your assembly requests as well.

It doesn't matter if you need large series, small series or single assembly installation. SEVERT has the right solution for any assembly task. We adjust to the specific requirements in many industries and develop production solutions together with the customer.

SEVERT completely installs machines, vehicle parts and entire vehicles and delivers them to satisfied customers, including a test run and any required licensing or certification.

some indices: 
  • 1,500 sqm mounting area
  • 14 m crane hook height
  • 160 to. crane capacity
  • 3 SEVERT-L-arm-positioners for ergonomic mounting of parts at up to 10 to. (e. g. hydraulic/electrical crane booms, vehicle chassis, construction machine components)