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Our philosophy: human and always in motion 

There are companies that have put into serene words what they are at their cores and what they strive to be. That is a good thing, provided that such principles are also reflected in practice. 

We have no stipulated philosophy, but we have values that we put into practice. This is closely connected to the fact that we are not some faceless group, but a medium-sized family-owned company that has been connected with the people and its region for more than 50 years.

We express this, among others, in our commitment as a training operation (in Vreden alone, more than 20 young people are in training) or with our support in construction of a day-care facility.
SEVERT, along with the families of its roughly 400 employees in Germany and Poland, participates in the respective site's social life. All of them therefore represent the company - which alone is reason enough for friendly and respectful interaction. To us, economic relationships are also equal to relationships between people. Therefore, we strive for reliability, honesty, open-mindedness and interaction at eye level. This way, everyone involved can profit.
As a business, we want to achieve a profit. However, we do not strive to maximise profit no matter the price. As entrepreneurs and people, we influence our environment and society, and bear the corresponding responsibility. We know that well-trained, independent and responsibly acting employees form the basis for our success. We value them accordingly. We are also aware that only consistent alignment with the market and customer requirements ensures success. Therefore, we develop continually, in order to convince the partners with quality, reliability, economic efficiency, speed, as well as flexible and demand