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Flame-cutting centre

If the basis isn't right, everything else won't turn out well either. It's a single insight that, unfortunately, is disregarded too often.

Therefore, our high quality demands already begin in the first processing steps in the flame-cutting centre.

This is where parts are prepared by burning the desired contours out of high-quality rough sheets as of a thickness of 10 mm. State-of-the-art portal flame-cutting machines are available for this.

Their high positioning accuracy and cutting speed ensure precise as well as quick work. The focus is on two machines for autogeneous flame-cutting. Thanks to their robust construction, they are very well equipped even for difficult demands.

Apart from this, we have a system for plasma cutting. If you need particularly high cutting speeds and/or workpieces where heat distortion must be kept as low as possible, this procedure is the right solution for you.

Furthermore, there are several chamfering robots from our own development and production that can apply chamfers with the highest precision and prepare the welds. Then all cuts will be sent to the blasting system. There, the surfaces will be cleaned of adhesions dirt and flash rust. This ensures quality of the welding seams and good adhesion of the primer during painting later.

With this equipment in the flame-cutting centre, we achieve an annual cutting capacity in excess of 30,000 tons. Thanks to the close links to tried and tested partners from the region and renowned international steel producers, we are able to react flexibly to many different requirements.

3 CNC flame-cutting machine with CAD-CAM direct connection
Working range: 46,000 × 6,000 mm Material thicknesses: up to max. 250 mm

Weld preparation with 7 chamfer robots
Working range: max. 5,000 × 1,500 mm Cut length of the chamfers: up to 300 mm

Once-through blasting system
Opening: 2,500 x 800 mm