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Robot peripherals 

SEVERT robot peripherals - always the right solution for your automation task

SEVERT positioning technology can be found not only in ergonomic manual workplaces, but also as peripherals in compact cells or complex robot facilities, as well as in other automation solutions. From robot-controlled workpiece positioners to linear movement axes to portals for robot positioning, we offer the entire range of automation components.

No matter if you are a robot manufacturer, system integrator or end user - we offer the right peripherals for your robot. Independently of the robot manufacturer, we are able to put together a customised solution in modules for your handling, welding or cutting application.

From simple workpiece positioners to linear movement axes or a portal for robot positioning. Talk to us. We will find the right solution for your application.

SEVERT robot peripherals – Overview of your benefits  

Independent and compatible for the major robot brands
High precision and positioning accuracy increase the manufacturing quality
Simple Integration into other systems
Flexibility due to customer- and application specific adaption
Broad product range with high variety of products 
Long service life and long-term quality by use of high-quality components – solid construction with good vibrational behaviour

Type S10

rotating and turning positioners

type s20/s30

turning positioners/positioning table

type s40

double stands for rotating positioners

type s70 robot positioners
 type s80 robot movement plants