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  • S10 Rotating and turning positioner (robot controlled)

Workpiece positioner robot controlled Type S10 - Rotating and turning positioner

SEVERT workpiece positioner (robot controlled)

SEVERT robot peripherals - from robot-controlled workpiece positioners to linear traversing axes and gantries for robot positioning - with SEVERT robot peripherals you will always find the right solution for your application.

SEVERT positioning technology can be found not only at ergonomic manual workstations, but also as peripherals in compact cells or complex robot systems, as well as in many other automation solutions.

Whether you are a robot manufacturer, system integrator or end user, you will find the right peripherals for your robot with us. Regardless of the robot make, we can put together the customized solution for your handling, welding or cutting application on a modular basis.

We are mechanical engineers with many years of manufacturing experience.

From simple workpiece positioners to linear traversing axes or a gantry for robot positioning. Talk to us. We will find the right solution for your application.
Benefits at a glance
  • Independent and compatible for all robot manufacturers / brands
  • High precision and positioning accuracy promotes your manufacturing quality
  • Easy integration with other systems
  • Flexibility through customer and application-specific adaptation
  • Wide product range with a high variety of products
  • Long service life and long-term quality due to the use of high-quality components
  • Solid construction with optimized vibration behavior

The diversity of our product range:

Our positioners have proven themselves not only as manually controlled machines, but also in cooperation with the robot. Here, too, we offer a wide range of variants. We offer simple turning and reversing positioners with a support arm and a clamping plate turning axis that can also be equipped with a lifting axis. This is driven by a ball screw with a safety nut.

We also have the right equipment for system concepts with a double station solution. While the robot processes the workpiece, the system operator on the opposite side can simultaneously remove the workpiece and reload the positioner. An exact 180° swivel movement moves the workpieces to the next position.

Further equipment such as an anti-glare shield, media supply on the clamping plate or individual workpiece fixtures are also part of our program.

SEVERT robot peripherals in use: