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Inspection and diagnosis 

Inspections and diagnoses during maintenance can help provide useful information about the machine or equipment condition.

This can reduce costs and avoid unnecessary downtime. In addition, operational efficiency is improved and the service life of the system is increased.

Our trained and experienced service experts perform these inspections and diagnoses, if desired, during a maintenance and log all tests, deficiencies and findings in a log. This is also provided to the customer.

Preventive maintenance 

The ability to schedule maintenance is the greatest benefit of time-based maintenance compared to unplanned and reactive maintenance. Reactive maintenance is often associated with high overheads that can be avoided by scheduling maintenance. The costs of unplanned maintenance consist, among other things, of lost production time, the consequences of the failure of equipment for the core business, higher spare parts costs and time losses due to inefficient communication and processing.

We therefore recommend our customers to preventive maintenance, also with a maintenance contract:

Maintenance is performed at predetermined intervals or on the basis of prescribed criteria and aims to reduce the likelihood of a failure or deterioration. Preventive maintenance includes regular inspections, regular maintenance (such as lubrication of mechanical parts), recurring inspections, and predefined component replacement.

Preventive maintenance serves to improve operational safety. Machines and systems which are not regularly serviced represent a higher risk of accidents!  

The recurrent examination of work equipment is required by law!
(BetrSichV §14) 

Accident prevention DGUV 

Before the initial start-up, after a change or repair and at certain intervals, the electrical equipment and equipment must be checked for proper condition by a qualified electrician or under supervision and supervision. The deadlines are to be determined in such a way that the resulting defects, which must be expected, are determined in good time (DGUV V3 §5 (1)).

This test is offered by Wilhelm Severt Maschinenbau GmbH as a service, for example, during maintenance. Our service technicians have been specially trained and have the appropriate qualification. Feel free to contact us!
"The employer shall ensure that electrical installations and equipment are erected, modi- fied and maintained only by a electrically skilled person or under the responsibility and supervision of a electrically skilled person, and in accordance with the electrical rules..." 

Electro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPE) 

Electro-sensitive protective equipment (ESPE) must be tested on a regular basis by a qualified person. The proper functioning of the ESPE, the condition of the components of the ESPE (wearable components), the interaction of the ESPE with the control system and the proper mounting of the ESPE are tested. The hazardous movement is determined taking into account DIN EN ISO 13855. The overtravel distance and the after-running time are measured for this.

Wilhelm Severt Maschinenbau GmbH now offers this measurement as a service. Our service technicians have been specially trained for this test and have the qualification as a "qualified person" according to TRBS 1203. By using a modern measuring instrument, the machine stop is triggered directly via the protective device and the after-running time is determined. According to DIN EN ISO 13855, the safety distance to be maintained is then calculated.

As a customer, you will receive a first receipt with the results of the measurement. Do you need further information on this subject? Please feel free to contact us!
"Electro-sensitive protections equipment (ESPE) must be tested on a regular basis in accordance with the reliability of operation §4 (2)." 

Used machines and loan equipment 

Easy return of used machines  
Should you no longer need your used machine, we will gladly check the possibility of a repurchase. We also gladly check the possibility of taking used peripherals such as welding equipment, teach boxes, etc. in repurchase.

Loan equipment
Do you have a defective device whose repair is time-consuming?

We will be glad to help you with a rental device from our stock. These can be rented upon availability for a flat rate. During the repair of your defective device, you can still continue to produce without having to have major downtime. All loan equipment is checked regularly at our company.