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Industry competence construction machinery


SEVERT offers unique bundled industry competence around the process of metal welding so that you can increase your productivity.
We don't offer a single product or service, but productivity, flexibility and quality at short throughput times and even at small series. This is possible because SEVERT can bundle productive solutions from different industries and thus achieve standard products and machine utilisations that can only be achieved in large series otherwise. This way, we will provide your individual industry solution from a single source.
Profitieren Sie von unserem Baumaschinen-Know-How
We can help you make your own production more productive
- With SEVERT engineering and robot technology for cutting, welding and assembly processes

We produce cost-efficient and high-quality construction machinery or construction machinery components for you
- In our state-of-the-art production facilities
- With our competent employees

We will advise you in matters of the production process
- No matter if you want to produce at our site or at your own
- In product and production design, by the competent SEVERT construction machinery team


Range of services
SEVERT positioning technology
  • for welding and handling of long girders, turntables, leaders for welding and handling of components and subassemblies
  • SEVERT positioning technology for assembly optimization SEVERT robot systems for welding of long frames, cantilevers, monoblocks, towers, etc. Special equipment for construction machines, such as circular welding systems, drilling systems, etc. Fixtures

Contract services and component manufacturing for construction machinery

Range of services
  • Steel processing
  • Burning, plasma cutting and chamfering in-house
  • Laser cutting and bending at professional SEVERT partners in the SEVERT network Welding -
  • Robotic welding equipment for chassis, troughs and assemblies
  • Plate fields and jigs for large parts and components
  • Manual welding workstations with SEVERT positioning technology
  • Machining drilling mills up to 14m length
  • Milling processes
  • Assembly
  • Hydraulic assembly
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Electronic control engineering

development support of products and production for construction machinery technology

Range of services
  • Factory planning and industrialization
  • Product development and calculation
  • Programming
  • Standardization and modularization
  • Training
  • Welding/handling and assembly tests