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Shredder Day at Severt

Completion of the scrap shredder with 570 t for our customer and partner METSO was a good reason for us to host an in-house trade fair together.

It was the only way. Taking this „monster“ to any other place than its future operating site overseas just for presentation would have been unreasonable due to its size and weight. It was much better to bring everyone involved to the product.

The idea behind this event was giving the operators, and therefore the end customers of such metal recycling systems, a look behind the scenes as well as presenting the finished result. The suppliers and employees, who are vital for this sort of project, had to be involved as well, of course. Some of them were quite surprised to see where in the machine their work ended up. Thank you again for your great effort!

The finished metal shredder could be viewed in the final assembly hall. It is the largest one of the ZZ series. Its production was explained on a round tour of the company.

Hot-cutting of the individual metal sheets, joining and welding of the assemblies, machining and final installation could be viewed on the trade fair day. Of course, all of this was done in full operation, which was the only way to present our state-of-the-art production, welding-robot and positioning technologies in action. The effort required for producing such high-performance shredders that meet the high demand of their operators was clearly evident.

Apart from some specialist lectures, technical discussions took place in a relaxed atmosphere in the production hall, while enjoying a cool drink or a snack. The guests stayed until the evening.

We hope that our visitors had just as much fun as we did.

See you next time!