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Mechanical processing and surface coating

In many workpieces, processing by machining procedures such as drilling, cutting or turning is necessary. We meet this requirement with state-of-the-art CNC-controlled technology.

Protection of the workpieces by careful preservation with high-quality pains is part of SEVERT's service range as well. The consideration of customer wishes, e.g. by painting in corporate colours, is not a problem at all. Depending on your wishes or technical requirements, we can cover the entire range of paint versions: from car paint to machine paint, from environmentally compatible water-based paints to 2-component high solid paint, permitting highly resilient and corrosion-resistant coatings with its high solids share. In cooperation with a specialised partner, we also implement powder coatings, KTL coatings and zinc-plating.



    • Mechanical processing
    • Drilling
      - Cutting
      - Turning 
      Movement paths X/Y/Z/W: 
      up to 15,300 / 4,000 / 1,000 / 1,000 mm
    • Surface coating
      max. part length: 13,000 mm
      max. part width: 4,000 mm